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By coming to the Who Cares section you have come to a place where you will find how to appreciate the person you really are. Through personal development, self-care, understanding your needs and learning new ways to establish your goals.

With ideas and suggestions for you to implement to grow and flourish.

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When asked “how you are?” do you answer “I’m ok thanks” without really giving it a second thought.

And there lies the problem.

Too often we don’t give ourselves permission to spend time doing the things we like. We are so busy supporting everyone else – loved ones, family, work colleagues, charitable organisations, various committees, and anything else that demands our attention. This leaves little time for us. Without time it is difficult for us to learn and grow the way we need to.

As we become older it is important to look back on the year just completed and evaluate what we did, what we thought, what we learnt and whether the year changed us in any way. By evaluating the year, we can grow in wisdom and knowledge and use this in the coming year or whenever we start this process. Now would be a good time to look back and note our achievements, successes, and our failures. We learn our best lessons from failures, if we choose to acknowledge them.

When we value ourselves, it is easy to value those closest to us and not to be so critical of ourselves and others. Too often, we use negative language around those we love, instead of just changing the words to be positive. It really doesn’t take that much effort, it’s more a matter of remembering not to be negative.

In a very short space of time we can be surprised by the difference this makes to those around us. People are happier, smile more, are more willing to help than they were before, because ……….

“Once we change our language, 

we change our whole world for the better”.

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Wendy Roberts

Registered Nurse and Health Coach