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You sleep for approximately a third of your life.

Do you want to know why?

In the Recharge section you will discover why we need sleep and what can happen to our bodies if we don’t get enough.

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Many of us do not fully realise the benefits of a good night’s sleep, and despite all the advice about not watching TV, or playing games on our tablets before bed, we still do it.

Have you ever been so tired when you are driving you can barely keep your eyes open? Some of us have, coming home from work, particularly after shift work.

You are driving and suddenly you feel the car swerve, your eyes pop open, your heart starts pounding, as you see a tree, light post or another car heading towards you. You pull violently on the wheel to avoid an accident, you survive, a near miss, but only just. You wonder what the hell just happened, then you realise you had momentarily, unwittingly, fallen asleep at the wheel. More people die in car accidents from sleep deprivation, than they do from being intoxicated behind the wheel. The sad thing about this is that it happens every day, yet it can be fixed by having adequate sleep.

For those of you who lie awake during in the night, there is hope and there are some interesting methods to improve your sleep. Join me as we discover the reasons why we sleep and why we don’t sleep.

But know this, despite those of you who say you never sleep, actually you do, if you didn’t, you would die.

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Wendy Roberts

Registered Nurse and Health Coach