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Movement and some form of physical activity are vital for a healthy body and mind

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Many people hate the thought of exercise. So, perhaps I can suggest a different way of looking at it.

My view is, it’s all about movement. Movement of any kind is better than sitting in front of the television watching other people live their lives, while our own slowly drifts away.

So, what about doing a bit of activity while the adverts are on. Just a simple thing like sitting up straight, place your arms at chest height and slowly twist your torso from side to side till the ads are over. Or you might like to buy some weights, the cheaper department stores sell them. Start off with a couple of small weights or two cans of beans and extend each arm one at a time towards the ceiling and bring it back down to your shoulder, for the length of the advert. It’s easy to mix it up with this type of movement. Using the weights extend each arm out in front of you one at a time, then curl it back to your shoulder. Now by the time we have watched our favourite show we have managed to do a 15-20-minute movement program. Wow! And we didn’t even need to leave the couch.

We are now on our way to making movement part of our lives, it’s that easy. I have lots more ideas about movement. So come and join the fun, as we all learn how to move more while improving our physical and mental wellbeing.

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Wendy Roberts

Registered Nurse and Health Coach