Welcome to the End
Everyone must take this final journey, but it’s only a very small portion of a life well lived.
By coming to the Let Go section we are going to look at the most difficult topic for our Western Society, that of death and how to prepare for it. I realise this can be a painful discussion, but I will endeavour to provide relevant information that will make the process a little easier for you.

Let Us Begin

If you or a loved one is reluctant to even consider death, let alone talk about it. I would like to provide you with a scenario that could befall anyone of us at any time.

Imagine you are home alone, you feel a little strange, not quite yourself, you have a stiff neck, blurred vision and you feel dizzy, when suddenly you lose your balance and fall to the floor with an excruciating headache. You can barely move, you are terrified, then you lose consciousness. You awake to find yourself in hospital. You can hear, but you cannot speak. The doctor informs you that you have had a massive stroke. It has affected your speech and you are paralyzed down the right side of your body.

So, now you are trapped in a body that cannot speak or move. If this stroke eventually becomes fatal, it is too late to tell your loved ones what your wishes are. Now, they are required to make the decisions on your behalf, in the vain hope, that this is what you want.

          But what if they are wrong, and it is not what you wanted.

This is why it is so important for you to discuss what you want to happen to you if you suffer a severe injury, illness or disease when you are no longer competent to make or communicate those decisions for yourself.  Yes, it is hard to contemplate your own demise, but it is necessary if you have any last wishes that you want your family or friends to implement.

I can guide you through this before it becomes a problem. So that you have peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens in the future, your family or friends know exactly what your last wishes are. This takes the burden away from your family or friends, so they do not have to feel any guilt about not doing the right thing by you, because it has all been documented. This is a living document that can be updated at any time if your wishes or priorities alter, particularly as you become older.


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Wendy Roberts

Registered Nurse and Health Coach