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Food is not only vital to our existence but our general health and wellbeing.
By starting the Enjoy it section you have come to a place where you will find out about the many things you may not have known about the food we eat or don’t eat. We will investigate other factors that influence our eating habits and whether our genetic makeup has anything to do with the way we look and feel about food.

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Over the years we have all listened to and taken the advice of doctors, scientists and dieticians about what food we should eat. Only to find that the advice was not right for us. There are a lot of conflicting views about food, particularly diets. The information provided is extremely confusing and despite all the available material, about nutrition, obesity still remains a huge problem. In fact, much of the world has become overweight, even in poorer countries. How can this be, what has gone wrong? So, let’s find the answers to these questions and the many more questions we all have about our relationship with food, and its effect on our mind and bodies.


Join me in my quest to find the answers to our serious health problems and effective solutions that can be easily implemented to improve your health and enjoy the food you eat.

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Wendy Roberts

Registered Nurse and Health Coach